Traditionally, doing market wide correlation research when creating a diversified portfolio is at best difficult and at worst, impossible.

Investors and traders typically analyze positions in a vacuum and inadvertently add positions to their portfolio which are highly correlated to existing ones. This increases their portfolio risk and is a poor use of capital.

To address this, DiversifyPortfolio maintains a multiple timeframe correlation database of stocks and ETF's that is updated daily.

By using any of the available parameterized stock screeners, you will have access to the entire database with the ability to customize your search requirements to quickly find positions that complement your portfolio.

In addition to correlation and diversification related screens, you also have access to company fundamental data such as Dividend Yield, PE ratio, Price to Book Value and more which can all be screened for based on your requirements.


Choose from multiple parameterized screeners to quickly find stocks or ETF’s that fit your criteria.

Run screeners that take the correlation of all your existing positions into account, providing you with potential new positions that compliment your portfolio.

Narrow your search based on company fundamental factors such as Earnings per Share, Market Cap, P/E Ratio etc.

Find the highest or lowest correlated stocks and ETF’s with the use of our Correlation Rank screener.

Screen for low correlation stocks to ensure a well diversified portfolio consisting of positions that move independently.

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