The stock Portfolio Analyzer tool is where you manage your portfolio by adding, removing or adjusting positions.

Diversify Portfolio operates completely independently of your existing trading platform and broker, which means you can perform all your analysis first before making any changes to your actual portfolio.

A key feature of the Portfolio Analyzer is the ability to generate side by side comparisons to analyze how potential portfolio changes would affect you.

The Portfolio Analyzer focuses on diversification and correlation to help you manage a lower risk and ultimately more efficient portfolio.

This is done through a variety of analysis charts such as correlation heatmaps and cluster charts as well as metrics such as the Diversification Ratio and Intra-Portfolio Correlation.

The portfolio analysis is performed across multiple time frames allowing you to select whichever is appropriate for your investment time horizon.


Analyze your portfolio from the Portfolio Analyzer and create side-by-side comparison portfolio’s to graphically analyze any potential changes.

Through a variety of analysis tools such as heatmaps, the efficient frontier, portfolio correlation rank and cluster charts, every position is put into context within your portfolio.

Create a portfolio of positions that complement each other, using tools developed specifically with that goal in mind.

Determine if certain positions represent a greater risk to your portfolio by ranking them by their cumulative correlation.

At a glance, quantify how diversified your portfolio is to see where adjustments may be required to avoid being overexposed in certain areas of the market.

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