Stock market maps allow you to visually explore the market to identify trends, anomalies and opportunities.

The color and size of the blocks within the map represent user customizable criteria such as dividend yield, market capitalization, price to earnings growth, PE ratio, performance and more.

Users start with a map of the entire stock market and are then able to drill down into specific Sectors, Industries and Stocks.

Users are able to define specific ranges for any metric, for example a map can be generated which only includes dividend paying stocks. This is a highly effective way to find opportunity, trends and patterns within specific areas of the stock market.

Maps can be generated which include thousands of stocks. This gives you a way to gauge the strength or weakness of the overall market. Alternatively metrics and custom ranges can be used to display only those stocks which meet your criteria.


Visually analyze the entire stock market.

Understand the health of the market and identify areas of opportunity.

Define how the maps are created.

Several metrics are available such as stock performance, dividend yield, PE ratio, market cap and more.

Filter which stocks are included through metric ranges.

Exclude stocks which do not meet your criteria.

Identify which areas of the market are currently providing the best opportunities based on your criteria.

Quickly identify areas of interest across thousands of stocks.

Drill down into specific Sectors and Industries to find the best performing stocks.

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