Finding opportunity in the stock market often means searching for stocks that are behaving differently from their peers. This involves grouping stocks according to fundamental similarities and then analyzing their relative performance to uncover the outliers.

When analyzing stocks that fall within the same Industry you tend to find a lot of similarity in their price movements. This is the result of the same fundamental influences affecting each underlying company.

The Industry Outlier tool makes it easy to find stocks that have fundamental similarities to each other and from within those groups, identify which stocks are outliers.
Investors are able to select from over 100 Industries and chart the correlation of the constituent stocks from within those Industries against numerous ETF's. Users also have the ability to define a custom list of stocks instead of selecting from existing Industries.

Whether identifying outliers means finding stocks that have shown extrordinary strengh or weakness - ultimately knowing which stocks are behaving differently from their peers presents an opportunity to profit from that information.


Select from over 100 Industries to identify which stocks are outliers.

Generate a scatter chart to display the correlation of Industry stocks against benchmark ETF's.

Generate a cumulative correlation chart axis to directly compare stocks against each other.

Define a custom list of stocks to search for outliers instead of using existing Industries.

Use different ETF's on the X and Y axis to quickly identify outliers relative to relevant benchmarks for the specified Industry.

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