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We are pleased to announce that Diversify Portfolio now gives users the ability to create multiple stock portfolios. The portfolio dashboard provides key metrics across multiple portfolios which can be compared while analyzing different strategies or asset allocations.

We operate independently of existing trading platforms and brokers, which means we can provide an environment to create multiple portfolios to test the effect of differing strategies.

Our focus is on providing tools which help create more efficient and better diversified portfolios. Therefore, the new portfolio dashboard gives you the ability to create multiple portfolios to compare how effectively they are diversified.

Creating multiple portfolios

Each portfolio you create is given a name and description. From there, you can manage each portfolio independently depending on your strategy, for example:

  • Separate your portfolio in terms of long term vs short term positions
  • How does an ETF focused portfolio compare to a one that's focused on individual companies
  • How are key diversification metrics impacted based on strategy (eg: Dividend focus, Value focus, Growth focus, etc)
  • If you operate in the investment advisory space, you now have the ability to keep portfolios separate
  • etc...

Central portfolio management

The Portfolio Dashboard provides a central place to access the Portfolio Analyzer and Asset Allocation tools. It also provides an easy way to compare portfolio metrics such as:

  • Diversification Ratio
  • Intra-Correlation Percentage
  • Portfolio Beta

More information on the portfolio dashboard can be found here.

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